Our (not very eloquent, but definitely heart-felt) vision was ‘to do great qualitative research with great brands and to do it really well’, offering director-level attention and insight at all stages. 

We work with a small team of passionate research associates who understand how we like to work, and are able to think on their feet.




Lesley Croskery is based in our Cape Town office and travels regularly to Johannesburg, Durban and Nairobi for fieldwork. Lesley enjoys spending time in the bush, watching animals and birds, and riding her ageing racehorse on Noordhoek beach.


Our philosophy in a nutshell:

  • Tailored qualitative research that is always hands on, done with integrity, sensitivity, insight and enthusiasm.
  • Flexible, dynamic, responsive and evolving as our project learnings grow, never static.
  • The comfort of the people we chat to is paramount, so we fit the team to the project (e.g. cultural sensitivity, language used for interview, experience of moderator/ translator)
  • We partner consistently with a select group of research associates (moderators, recruiters, translators, transcribers) who consider themselves part of the In Focus Qualitative team, and we value their views before, during and after the research.
  • We follow the unique flow of each conversation, rather than being rigidly bound to a discussion guide – it is a ‘guide’ after all.
  • We take on only what we know we can handle, in order to ensure each project is given our undivided attention.
  • Rigour for high quality deliverables, and when you need it – it’s a careful balance, but we will not over-promise.


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